Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Time to go "old school"

I made my parents a set of tiles for their anniversary one year and just found the pictures of them as I was looking through pictures on my "old" laptop. I thought y'all might like to see them....hope you enjoy this walk down "Memory Lane" with me! :o)

All six tiles together.

My mom & dad when they were in elementary school. There were no such things as "middle school" when they went to school. The funny thing is that not only did they go to school together but they lived right around the corner from each other when they were young. Guess you could say they were destined to be together all their lives!

My parents wedding day and an early family picture.

Since I couldn't find pictures of my brother and myself alone (it was a last-minute project), I used different ages of us together. Weren't we just so cute when we were teeny-tiny?! ;o)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Dad's Home!!

Gary was out of town Monday thru Thursday of this past week. I was not the only one that missed him being home. When we went upstairs to play Wii, he reclined back in the love seat to rest & watch me play.....Lily and Layla promptly decided to get as close as the possibly could to him! They obviously wanted him to know how much they love & missed him (I'm not telling them he'll be gone again this week!)

Lily loves dad - Layla loves dad and her toy!

Layla's afraid her toy is going to move when she's not looking....

so she stares at it to make sure she knows where it is at all times!

Lily is afraid that if she doesn't "hold dad down", he'll leave again.....

yes, he did fall asleep for a little while with Lily on his chest and Layla at his side.