Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Coming Soon to a Computer Near You.....

ONLINE ORDERING!!! That's right, this fall when you wake up at 2:00 a.m. thinking about that super-cute bear that's trying his best to look ferocious in "Under the Stars" and you won't be able to go back to sleep until you know he's coming to live with you in a few days but you know I'll totally mess up your order if you call me at that time because 1) I don't have a pen & paper by my bed and 2) I'm SO sound asleep at that time that I'll never understand what you're saying....you can go to my website and place your order then crawl back into bed knowing that "super-cute bear" will be moving in soon! :c)

I am SO excited about this!! I got to get a sneak-peek at Convention and I think you are going to LOVE it!! Seriously, Stampin' Up! has really put a lot into this! You will be able to shop by color, by item, by category, etc. If you know the Item Number, just type it in and you're good to go. SO COOL!!

You probably noticed the link (click the picture of the catalog above) for this catalog isn't quiet like the link to the Spring-Summer catalog. With this one, you have to download the catalog.....for now. When the online ordering goes "live" it will go back to you being able to view the products online but for now this is what we have to do. SO if you download the catalog, SAVE it to your hard drive so that you can just open it whenever you want to view it! It will be much faster for you this way (instead of having to wait for it to download multiple times) and you can see it any time you want to if your Internet goes out (as long as you have electricity, you have the catalog! LOL!)!

Keep in mind that if you are at my Open House this Saturday you don't have to worry about downloading the catalog. You just have to worry about telling me you'll be here so I'll have your copy waiting for you. ;c)

Monday, August 11, 2008

YOUR business, YOUR choice!!!

Click on the title above to see an absolutely FABULOUS special!!! Beginning August 11th you have the option to join my team for only $99, AND you can choose from THREE different Starter Kits with three different focuses depending on your interests!!

August 11th through October 11th you have FOUR options to choose from to join my team! How cool is that?!!

  1. You can purchase the standard Starter Kit for $199 and get a stamp set of your choice from the catalog for free.

  2. You can purchase the Stamp-focused Starter Kit for $99 (comes with limited products and the business supplies).

  3. You can purchase the Scrapbook-focused Starter Kit for $99 (limited products and the business supplies).

  4. You can purchase the Home Decor-focused Starter Kit for $99 (limited Decor Elements products and the business supplies).

With options 2, 3 or 4 above, as my welcome gift to you I will purchase the stamp set of your choice from the catalog.

If becoming a Demo is something that you've been thinking about doing, NOW is the time!! Contact me to discuss this opportunity and we'll schedule a time to meet and get you started. I look forward to hearing from you! :c)

Never-before-seen-stamps, Never-before-seen-savings!

Click the link above to see the flyer for TEN brand spankin' new stamp sets that are 15% off from today until Sept. 30! I'll also have a hard-copy of this flyer at my New Catalog Open House for you this Saturday but I thought you might want to get a sneak peek on these sets! I'll have a link to the catalog as soon as Stampin' Up! has it up for everyone to view!

Friday, August 8, 2008

I forgot to tell you!

How could I forget to tell y'all this?!! I WON!! That's right, I won a prize at Convention! A couple (I forget how many) years ago Stampin' Up! went from flashing names of those who won a prize onto the "Jumbo-trons" to giving us all one of those indestructible bracelets made of "Tyvek". They are all different colors and patterns and they are randomly given. Actually, they are packed away in the bags we are given and no one has an idea what we get until we take out our paperwork and pull the bracelet off the sheet saying to bring it with us everywhere! This was my 7th Convention. I've been to 3 Regionals and 2 Leadership trainings and I have never won anything....until now! :cD

So what did I win? The brand spankin' new stamp set Crazy for Cupcakes, its coordinating wheel, Cupcakes and a roll of 1" Chocolate Chip Double-Stitched Grosgrain Ribbon!! Can I just say, "Ssswwweeet!!" Yep, the picture above is me holding my stash and you can bet that when my solid, neon blue bracelet flashed on the screen I jumped up like somebody kicked me in the booty! We were told to "hoot and holler" so the "Prize Patrol" would know where to go to get our prize to us....I don't think there was any question where I was! LOL! By the end of Convention, the group that I was hanging with were ALL winners! Every single one of us won a prize! How stinkin' cool is that - all 11 of us won!! :c)
It would be awesome if you joined me at Convention '09 in Salt Lake City! Check out the the AWESOME $99 Starter Kit special that begins Monday and contact me for details. I would love to have you become part of my team and then join in your excitement if you were to win something as well! :c)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

You've GOT to hear this!!

This group was the entertainment at Convention and they were AMA-Z-ZING!!! When you click on the link it will take you to their "MySpace" page. Once you get there, just minimize it and do whatever computer work you need to do while you are entertained by this FABULOUS quartet!! Keep in mind they are using NO instruments! Seriously, if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes I wouldn't have believed it! These guys are so talented it is unreal! I wanted to buy their CD (okay, I wanted to buy ALL their CDs!) but by the time we got out to the area where they were selling them, all 6,ooo Stampin' Up! Demos were waiting in multiple lines to buy their CDs (yes, that's how good they are)! Luckily I saw a flyer that had their info. on it and grabbed it before someone else saw it. Gary and I "salmon swam" our way to the door and made our way to Wendy's to feed his craving for ice cream (hey, if I'm going to add to some of the weight I've lost, I'm gonna eat a Frosty!!).

The group that performed is called Tonic Sol-fa and you can hear them by going here. Their website is http://www.tonicsolfa.com/ where you can read about the guys, see where they're going to be (if you'll be travelling up north - they haven't made it past the "Mason-Dixon Line" yet!) and buy their merchandise if you're so inclined. Go take a peak - I think you'll be impressed! Leave me a comment and let me know what you think of them after you listen to a song or two (or three - I think that's the maximum you can listen to :c( LOL!)!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Convention Day 3

Today was filled with classes and the majority of info. given during General Session was just company info. (how the company is doing, etc.). When Shelli came out, she did give make an exciting announcement! Stampin' Up! and Sizzix have partnered to sell the Big Shot and exclusive dies that will compliment our stamp sets! We were given a 4-page brochure to see what is available and then they surprised us with an announcement that all Convention attendees can purchase a Big Shot Starter Kit at a discounted price! Sweet! Being a Demonstrator has its advantages...You get to pre-purchase sets, all your product purchases are at a 20% discount, you get to attend Convention with 6,000 of your closest friends, you have the opportunity to earn trips, and so much more! If this sounds like something you would like for yourself, let me know!

The Big Shot!

The Big Shot bag!

Ice cream party invitation made from Big Shot dies.

Santa ornament made from Big Shot dies. So cute!

I have some Convention Pictures!

The following pictures are of Phase 2 of the new Decor Elements. These are only a few of what will be released this fall...I can't wait to see what else will be released now!!
This is the Nursery Necessities stamp set (the cards) and the coordinating Decor Elements (the "book")!
Ginormous Flowers Decor Elements
Beautiful Thanksgiving shadow box made with Decor Elements
Check out this candy jar! Isn't this just the absolutely cutest! Just think about the kids faces when they see you taking their candy out of this treat jar on Halloween! :c)
This advent calendar is super cute and so easy thanks to Decor Elements!
There are just a few pictures to tease you with until I can get some more downloaded. Time for a Day 3 update. :c)