Saturday, January 23, 2010

2010 Purse Calendar

At the end of 2008 when we had a promotion that consisted of a "box calendar", a demonstrator from Canada created calendar pages for the remaining days of 2009 (since it was an '09 calendar) and shared the file with anyone willing to pay $5 for it. I was one of those that was willing to! ;o)

I loved that calendar so very much and it was AWESOME! I realized when it got close to the end of '09 that I hadn't seen or heard of a 2010 purse calendar and I panicked. I frantically searched my emails to see if I still had the demonstrators name and email address and sure enough, I found it. I quickly emailed her to ask if she had created a 2010 calendar and luckily she had!

I had so many compliments on my '09 purse calendar that I had decided that I wanted to give some of these as Christmas gifts to friends and family. I shot off an Internet payment to Karrie, she emailed the file and I was set! I did add US holidays to the calendar since there were no holidays listed (I absolutely do not blame her since she's providing calendars for people world-wide!) and I even saved a separate version for myself, my mom & my mother-in-law that contained family birthday's and anniversary's! :o)

The one you'll see below is the first one I finished. This one was done for a friend with 5 ACTIVE kids and a very busy schedule for both herself & her husband! I added a pocket between each month per Karrie's suggestion and I love the way it turned out! I loved it so much that I believe I ended up making 11 or 12 of them! LOL!

So, what do you think? I wanted to keep the cover simple and not add a lot of embellishments since these will most likely be put in purses and bags. I think the sentiment and ribbon added the perfect finishing touch, don't you?

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