Sunday, January 17, 2010

Work Table Buddies

I have to take a break from posting projects for just one day. Not because I don't have any projects to post but because I have to share something with y'all.

While I've been working on both my projects and transferring files and information from my "old" laptop to my new one, I've constantly been interrupted. I've had to deal with begging, pleading and just down right pitiful eyes! Seriously, every time I sit down I have to watch out or my lap will be filled unexpectedly.

What is it being filled with? That cute little black face that y'all saw in my previous post......Lily! Gary was out of town for a few days last week and I guess since we were both out of town the previous week she thought she needed to keep me weighed down so that I wouldn't leave too. It got so bad that one day I stood at our kitchen counter with my laptop sitting on the counter so that she wouldn't have anywhere to sit! It didn't quiet work - she kept "pawing" at my legs!

While I ignored her and Layla for a while one day, I finally got a bright idea. What do you do with an adorable dog that wants nothing more than to be near you at every waking moment? One that wants nothing more than to be sitting in your lap as you work on your projects? Well, you do this......

Yep, that is both Layla (the nearest one) and Lily (the "camera shy" one) laying on their doggy cushions ON my work table! That seemed to do the trick for Lily - they both laid on the table all day. The only time they weren't laying down is when I told them it was time to go outside for a bathroom break and even then, they would stand up and wait for me to pick them up and put them on the floor. I may have new work table buddies when I work on my projects now.....we'll see. ;o)

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